Feed the Hungry


Hunger is a feeling that most of us have never experienced.  Providing this basic need to people improves the health and livelihoods of the people.  It gives them hope and the energy to continue to work to give their families a future.  Each year, we provide approximately 20,000 families with food in the rural areas of Honduras.  This food is distributed by our TORCH Teams and local missionaries.  This is all possible through the donations of generous people like you.

United States-

We are constantly ready to serve the United States in a call of emergency.  We have and can mobilize feeding stations and delivery systems to those who need our help, and we are linked to many other relief organizations that are ready to serve in response to any emergency stateside. We coordinated and assisted with Hurricane Katrina in a huge effort that provided shelter, food, and opportunities for volunteers to come to the greater New Orleans area with Medical teams, feeding programs and a large scale distribution of donated items to help the families that had lost everything in the storm. Demucking, cleaning and rebuilding crews worked to help countless families to return to their homes.