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IRC provides Sawyer water filters for Arugua

When you eliminate waterborne disease from a village you empower that village in more ways than you
can imagine. IRC partnered with Sawyer filters and a 97 family village in Aurgua, Honduras.

Sawyer water filters are among the most significant developments in the history of environmental conservation.

They pay for themselves within the year when you factor in medical bills and fuel to boil water.

We are proud of this partnership and ability to keep people functional members of their society.


IRC teams up with Anti-bully program in Honduran schools

Bullying is present when there is use of force or pressure to abuse or intimidate others. In Honduras teachers stand by watching students endure unimaginable things because they are afraid of the gangs and what might happen to them if they intervene.

Harlyn Andino, along with his team, travel to all the schools in Francisco Morizon and teach them how to handle bullies. The students now have resources, an app on their phone and people to help them fight the problem.

IRC is proud to partner with this program.


Tierre de Padre school receives solar from IRC

Living in the dark all the time is unimaginable for most of us. Today IRC provided Tierre de Padre with Solar lighting after painting the school last week. This school was built by Torch Mission teams last year. The picture of the boy reading is the first Lenca to read at night in the village. The lighting will also provide them for a place to meet at night and recharge for school equipment.

School Supplies and Uniforms for 2017

Through The Honduras Project, IRC provides nearly 400 students with school supplies and uniforms on an annual basis.  For those who are familiar with Honduras, children cannot attend school without these items, and families in extreme poverty often cannot afford them.  In January and February 2017, The Honduras Project once again came through for these children.  Thanks to First United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi, we have fulfilled commitments to provide school supplies and uniforms to the entire student body at two schools in the communities of Tierras del Padre and Altos de Diamante.  The cost for each student averages $35-$40.  Our aim is to prevent this amount from keeping a child in school for the entire year.  If you are interested in supporting this worthy project, use our “Donate” button and indicate in the memo “School Supplies.”  As with all of our donations, 100% goes to the project.  We do not use donations for any administrative costs.

IRC Establishes Second Water Well

In the summer of 2016, IRC was successful in drilling a second water well in Honduras.  This time, the well has been established in the community of Tierras del Padre.  This community contains about 40 families of the Lencas, an indigenous Honduran tribe.  Like many poor communities in Honduras, the residents of Tierras del Padre have no electricity or running water.  They have constructed homes of sticks, rock, and scrap wood.  The well was established through a partnership with the community.  IRC raised and provided the funds for drilling the well, inserting a submersible pump and providing pipe for water delivery.  The community was responsible for building a secure pump house, digging trenches throughout the community, and constructing a large brick and mortar holding tank.  The water is currently accessed at one delivery point that is available to everyone in the community.  The next phase is to lay pipe and provide access to every home in the community.  IRC has some tremendous donors who made this possible.  As we complete the final phase for Tierras del Padre, we are already looking for the next location.  It is an unbelievable gift to provide clean drinking water to a community.  If you want to be a part of the next water well, just donate.











In July 2016, a new school building was completed in Tierras del Padre, a Lenca community.  The funds were provided by various mission groups, and some groups even participated in the construction.  The school serves 56 children who previously met in a one-room shelter constructed of wood posts and tarps.  The new school is made of cinder block, concrete, and a metal roof.  A before and after picture is below.  Thank you to all of those who donated for this cause, and for those who provided the physical labor.  This community now has a water well and a school building.  IRC also is providing an English teacher.  Tierras del Padre is well on its way to improved health and educational opportunities for its children.



IRC Medical Director goes to Africa to assist in Ebola crisis

October 2014

IRC sends medical relief and resources to Monrovia containment centers as workers are exhausted and resources limited.





IRC 2014 Torch team invited to Casa de Presidential

IRC – Torch team invited to Casa de Presidential
By First lady to honor teams endeavors
June 2014

IRC puts well in waterless community June 2014

Well strikes water at 350 feet at 60 gallons a minute!


With 3 providers it is a very rewarding day to be able to see every sick person in the village. The youth of our trip pitched in and helped where needed.