Building Projects


Ongoing building projects include homes for the poor.  These homes have been built during the summer months over the last 15 years by TORCH Teams.  Over 10,000 homes have been built or repaired for the poor and needy.  Most of these are wood homes with wood floors and a tin roof.  They provide shelter from the elements and security to the thousands of families and single mothers with children in Honduras.

Land was purchased in April of 2005 in the town of Santa Ana, Honduras.  Since that time, IRC/TORCH Missions has built a children’s home (Casa de Esperanza), which is now the home to 20 children, a church, 14 concrete duplexes for the poor, housing for support personnel; remodeled and opened a medical/dental clinic (Clinica de Eesperanza); and built a large playground.  It is a joy to see all the activity that has surrounded this place. Children playing and singing, Over 10,000 patients a year are seen in our free medicalclinic and given free medicines and the church is thriving in this community.

Currently, plans are being completed to build a women’s training center in the same area.  This program (Mi Esperanza), trains women in a trade so they can, in turn, support their families.  Already hugely successful in the Tegucigalpa area, we expect this program to be just as successful in every aspect of the work.

TORCH Missions has also built schools and satellite training programs that work with local resources to educate and equip the poor in and around those communities. TORCH groups have also been responsible for developing and installing many water purification systems that are designed to purify up to ten thousand gallons of water a day. Clean water is the lifeblood of these poor communities and it’s contribution to the well being of it’s recipients is invaluable. We are proud to partner with the Mayor of Tegucigalpa, Ricardo Alvarez in meeting the need for pure water in some of the rural areas around Tegucigalpa, Honduras.